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Table Reservations


According to urban dictionary it is:

"The act of desiring and needing a coffee desperately to the point of hunger."


Located at the crossroads of the main streets of Exeter city centre, Coffery & Co. is an independent, casual and new concept Coffee and Wine Bar.


Our hangout offers you a warm welcome, high quality coffee and All Day Brunch, as it seamlessly transforms into a chill out place at the weekend evenings to enjoy fine wine and live music.


Escape the rush of everyday life, sit back, relax, jail your mobile phone and enjoy life and company of others. Our place has been designed with socialising in mind where you can just hang out, connect and recharge. Feel free to use our music corner and play the piano for a free coffee or enjoy our regular Open Mic events.


To ensure the highest quality coffee we only use traceable single-origin Fair-trade coffee beans from around the world. We prepare food from scratch using local suppliers and unlike so many cafés, we do not charge extra for Soya, Oat or Almond milk.

Next level of coffee drinking

In a world of mass-production and automated espresso machines, we are offering a different coffee experience that requires attention, time and craftsmanship.

We specialise in Chemex, V-60, Aero Press and Siphon brewing devices that are manual brewing methods dating back to 18th and 19th century.

In fact, as far as we know, we are the only coffee bar in Exeter where you can experience the most visually captivating of all brewing methods, a Siphon or a Vacuum Pot, which combines coffee, flame, water, total infusion, gravity and pure science.

Can you last without your mobile phone while having a cup of coffee at Coffery & Co?
If you are up for a challenge, here is one for you in few simple steps:
1. You can loan one of our mini cages from the bar when making your order.
2. Put your mobile inside, lock it with a key and give the key behind the bar.
3. You then get a 10% discount on your order and you will get the key back when you leave.
But if you decide you want your phone before you're finished then you have to pay the difference from the discount.
It is a perfect challenge for you, your family and friends to see if you can manage without your mobiles. Loads of fun too!
Now, let’s get the conversation going at your table, relax and enjoy amazing coffee and food at Coffery&Co.
Don’t forget to tag yourself before you lock your mobile.

A brief history of Coffery & Co. founders

Hello, we are Magdalena and Martin, a married couple living in Exeter with a passion for coffee and delicious food.


Here is how Coffery &Co. concept has been conceived:

February 2018

When we first met

For Martin it was a love at first sight, Magdalena needed a few more days to figure it out. After a few blissful months, they travelled to Italy to sample Italian coffee orders at the local bars. It was when Martin asked Magdalena to marry him during their first holiday in Sardinia.


March 2019

The Bali Wedding

Their love of travel and adventures, led them to Bali in Indonesia when they got married under a magnificent Nungnung waterfall. They were touring coffee plantations and seeking new tastes – a newfound obsession as a married couple!

Summer 2019

Business Idea Was Born

Something is bound to happen when two entrepreneurs meet and decide on a joint venture!

Martin, an owner of painting and decorating business as well as wedding and portrait photography and Magdalena, an owner of a consultancy business, decided that they would start a catering business together. The idea was to combine handcrafted coffee with lovingly made food and to create a new casual place in Exeter for everyone to experience pure relaxation and enjoyment.

March 2020

First Coffery & Co. Opening!

After months of planning, preparation, traveling for more inspiration and looking for the perfect location they decided to set up their first

Coffery & Co. coffee house and wine bar in the heart of Exeter at 50-51 North Street.



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Mon - Sat : 9:00am-5:00pm

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50-51 North Street

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