• Manual brewing methods are back! 
Chemex brewing in exeter

As a coffee enthusiast, you know that at Coffery&Co. we specialise in Chemex, V-60, Aero Press and Siphon brewing devices that are manual brewing methods dating back to 18th and 19th century.

In fact, as far as we know, we are the only coffee bar in Exeter where you can experience the most visually captivating of all brewing methods, a Siphon or a Vacuum Pot, which combines coffee, flame, water, total infusion, gravity and pure science.

However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have not been able to offer manual coffee brewing to you. We just wanted to feel the ground under our feet first, after the lockdown. Now, that we are not wobbly anymore- we are bringing the manual coffee brewing methods back.

We are having all staff training on 07th September 2020 and then we will be offering ALL brewing methods to you PLUS a wide selection of specialty coffee beans from around the world.

  • New DJ events planned for autumn

Stay tuned on our social media for more information about our special themed events with a DJ. We will be open longer on Fridays, until 10pm as opposed to 8pm, and we will be inviting you to great parties with themed food and drinks. Exciting!

  • Open 7 days a week 

Our opening days are back to normal, from before lockdown, and we are open 7 days a week now. We added Monday 9am-5pm to our working days. No break for us and more opportunity for you to pop in to see us. Good times!

  • We say goodbye to Eat Out to Help Out scheme

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme in August 2020 has been an utter success for us. We were positively overwhelmed with the number of you coming in through the door and enjoying amazing deal of food and drink at half price. We sold out a couple of times on cakes and smoked salmon! All good things come to an end, so we are back to normal prices. The quality of our customer service and our food and drink remains the same, promotion or not.

coffee beans exeter
  • You asked, we answer

Our house blend is 100% Arabica Colombian single origin. Why are we using it at our coffee bar? What are the benefits of single-origin beans?

  • Flavour is pure. You know that the coffee you are drinking reflects the true flavour of the bean it has come from.  Purists believe this is how coffee is supposed to be served. They would argue that blending coffee destroys its natural flavour.
  • You know where your coffee has come from. A single origin is much easier to trace. If you feel like having a cup of Colombian or Ethiopian coffee at Coffery&Co, you know exactly what you are getting from some single-origin beans.
  • The quality of beans is consistent because you know every bean has come from the same place.

  • Let us introduce this month’s coffee beans!

Ethiopian Lekempti Coffee Beans

Our speciality coffee from Ethiopia is grown in the region of Lekempti in the highlands of Ethiopia in the former province of Wollega. The coffee growing there is wild coffee. 

It is 100% Arabica coffee beans, Fair-trade and Organic. It is dry processed (natural method) on either patios or raised beds in the sun prior to de-pulping. This process, which can take 3-6 weeks normally, is the more-traditional method of processing coffee.

35g bag is only £2.95 and it makes an ideal gift for someone who enjoys great coffee. Perfect for coffee lovers who are looking to taste something different. 

Why don’t you pop in to see us and grab a bag for you to try at home?

If you do not fancy going out, you can simply order it from either UberEats or Deliveroo and they will deliver it to your door.

That’s it folks!

Once again, it was our pleasure serving you coffee at Coffery&Co. 

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes,

Magdalena and Martin On behalf of the whole Coffery&Co. Team

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